The world came crashing down for content creators when India banned a lot of Chinese apps where one of them was the biggest platform for many, Tik tok. With global recognition and followers lost, many found themselves distraught. Little did everyone know that a way of hope in the form of another application will be on its way soon.


However, it wasn’t long before a similar version of Tik tok was launched in the name of MX Takatak with similar features and opportunities to support the creators and push them forward. Even though using it is pretty comprehensive yet we will share a few quick tips to make sure you use it accurately. 

How to use Takatak like a pro? 

Here are a few tips to do it efficiently-

1. Install and begin– 

Make sure to get started with the journey by simply installing the app and then setting up your account by logging in. Enter your details accurately and set up your profile. It’s a social media platform so make sure to make it look as catchy as possible! First impression speaks before you do so make it a point to make the profile look appealing.

2. Analyse- 

Before diving right into creating content, analyse the kind of content being produced, which content catches more attention and the kind of techniques and tools used popularly on the platform which can help you gain inspiration and learn well. Analyse and research well before beginning to create content for TakaTak

3. Niche and plan- 

Select a niche that you’re passionate about and begin with the work. TakaTak harbors a lot of talent and enthusiasm already so one needs to work on their creativity to climb on top. The choices are endless such as dancing, dubbing, singing, transitions, fashion, cooking and so much more. Clear out some space for shooting content, plan and start posting consistently. Plan well before beginning and make sure that the content value is enriching.

4. Trends-

Follow trends and stay up to date with new filters, transitions, audios, etc. Also make sure to promote the content on other platforms such as posting the same on Instagram and Facebook as well as increasing reach through engagement and support. Fill up your feeds with good quality content that is trendy, unique and engaging. 

5. Monetize- 

Post consistently, gain followers and then just like tik tok move ahead to build a community. This will help in monetising content through affiliate system, ads, product promotion, etc as well as even going live. The opportunities are endless so make sure to grab them!


The list is endless to successfully create content and become a pro but make sure to stay authentic, create quality content and appreciate the platform.

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