Instagram’s algorithm is complex and is known for its mysterious process where sometimes it ends up pushing one’s content and at other times shadow banning one’s account. However, one thing that is accurate and clear is that Instagram does value good quality content that contains a lot of engagement. 


One in particular has to be the save button. It is a given fact that the more saves your post, video or reel has the more reach it will get further on as it is evident that it adds to the value. When the audience immediately saves your content and revisits it adds to the fact that the quality is enriching and worth hitting the save button for. This increases your reach organically to attract more followers.

However, how can one know which kind of content will have more potential to be saved? How to figure out which posts will be considered saveable content?


Well, that is where we come to the rescue. 


There are a few types of content and videos that are considered saveable content that one should definitely create in a precise manner, here is a list of them along with important points- 


1. Informative posts– 

Make sure to create informative posts that have an enriching value that imparts knowledge, unique facts and awareness. Carousels with pointers, reels and igtv videos have more potential to get saved where users will efficiently visit the post again to get thorough knowledge and even share the same amongst their friends. This will help in increasing the saves, shares and the reach.


2. Tips and Tricks– 

Sharing easy to comprehend tips and tricks for various things and activities is another thing that can help engage people. Creating various content in this area helps people learn new tips and find out unique ways for tasks which is why it gets saved quicker than one realizes. These add to their profile and also attract followers. Create trendy short reels, posts and videos for the same which will definitely do the job. Example- Weight loss tips, tips to communicate well, tricks for social media, fashion tricks, etc. 


3. Hacks

Content that includes hacks and easy ways of getting any task done is another way of getting your content saved. However, make sure that the visuals and aesthetics complement the video as nothing dull looking catches attention and the click for save button. Fashion hacks, cooking hacks, studying hacks, etc. makes life easy which is why many are always looking for these thus creating content for this gets saved quickly. 


4. Relatable content– 

Relatable content which can be funny, sad, feel-good, etc has a way of getting instant saves and shares as the audience can relate to the content posted and resonate with it. Anything that appears familiar and relatable makes an easy way to their heart which is why creating relatable content is a bright idea. 


Apart from these make sure to stay up to date with trends and viral content, engage better with the audience and also use call to action where asking them for liking, saving and sharing the content warmly also gets the job done which eventually helps your profile grow.

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