The newest firm to join the AI craze is Discord. The business revealed recently that it is introducing several new AI experiences to its servers.

Most significantly, Discord is integrating OpenAI ChatGPT technology into its Clyde bot update so that users can have more in-depth talks with the bot. To communicate with Clyde in any channel, enter @Clyde in a server. You may also request that Clyde start a post so that you and your friends can hang out. Clyde may make music recommendations and utilise GIFs and emojis just like any other Discord member, according to Discord.

What can Clyde do?

According to a blog post by Discord, Clyde is already responding to slash instructions and DMing users who make mistakes. Then starting the next week, Clyde will be brought to (artificially) life natively within Discord utilising OpenAI technology.

You can ask Clyde to send you a gif or provide you with five amusing cat-related pieces of information. The business is putting the product through testing and iterations in the hopes that it will become an integral part of the Discord experience.

Moreover, Discord is upgrading its AutoMod moderation feature to take use of big language models. To locate and notify moderators whenever potential server rules have been breached, AutoMod now makes use of OpenAI technology and is cognizant of the context of a chat. A small number of servers have started the AutoMod AI trial today.

According to the company, since launching AutoMod last year, the programme has automatically prevented more than 45 million unwanted messages from reaching servers before they could be uploaded by server rules.

Discord also rolls out AI-generated conversation summaries 

Also, Discord is introducing discussion summaries created by AI. For users to easily catch up on or join in on issues they’re interested in, the new functionality is designed to group streams of messages into topics. Some users may begin to notice a new panel on the right side of their screen that lists the subjects that have been covered as a result of these new summaries. Conversation summaries are now coming out to a select few servers and can be activated in the server settings.


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