“For the bloggers, by the bloggers”

Creatorshala is an exclusive platform for social media enthusiasts, influencers and bloggers who are striving to reach the top of the game. It is a network of such people who connect on this platform, express their thoughts, share their ideology and of course, bag in the brand collaborations that they deserve. We believe that everyone has their own unique story and is surely motivating for newbies which prepares them for the challenges ahead.

Apart from sharing your success story, one also comes across multiple such road paths and roadblocks faced by fellow colleagues and these experiences might prove to be vital in their journey ahead. We entertain a wide range of sectors which includes communities such as fashion, travel beauty, lifestyle, food, luxury, travel, music and whatnot.

What makes Creatorshala different?


Creatorshala will shortly release a new app and website. When compared to typical social networking platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, our platform will be considerably different. Many new content creators will have the chance to become influencers and full-time content creators thanks to the platform. Users can create profiles on Creatorshala and upload movies and images with advanced AI settings. Bloggers can collaborate with leading influencers and companies directly for online campaigns by getting in touch with them directly.

By the end of 2022, the app will be made available in more than 20 languages and 10 nations. Through Creatorshala, many content creators can launch a new blogging career. To store all user data, Creatorshala will have data centres in Mumbai, India and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The platform will employ a highly distinctive algorithm from that of popular social media sites. The user will only see content tailored to their interests and organised by category. The app will put more emphasis on emerging content producers in several categories. The short video area of the app will be substantially different from the current short video section. The majority of digital platforms support businesses, and content producers that want to connect with their audience, and Creatorshala will aid in establishing a brand’s and creators’ reputations.

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