Content creation can be tricky. You want enough post variation to keep your LinkedIn page looking fresh and relevant. Now we’ve set the scene for general LinkedIn content here are some content ideas for your LinkedIn accounts for when that inspiration is running a tad low.



Content marketing

Whether it’s a product promotion, blog content or team achievements. LinkedIn is a great place to shout about you and your company. The platform has an ideal active audience interested in you and your business developments.

Publishing this type of content assures your followers that you and your business are worth keeping an eye on. It shows progress and growth, and for the most part, your followers will want to support this, even if they don’t go off and buy the product, sign up for the service or read the article. People will be interested in forward movement.

Don’t be afraid to publicise the product and/or service you offer – as people will be interested – but remember that LinkedIn is about business progression rather than advertising. This distinction can be a slight change of tone or vocabulary tailored to the LinkedIn professional audience. Perhaps the story of development, the unique selling point, or the potential larger impact of the release, over the price and exact product overview. LinkedIn isn’t where people go shopping (unlike Instagram and TikTok). Rather, it is a perfect place to earn a loyal following and network growth.


Industry trends

On LinkedIn, you want to position yourself as a thought leader and innovator within your industry. This means staying on top of all relevant news, competitors, and trends. At the very least, you can simply share articles, videos or posts of interest. However, the real value comes when give your two pennies worth!

Sharing a perspective or purporting an opinion on a certain trend is good content no doubt. But to go even further, explaining how this trend has influenced your business, and, as well as your decisions creates engaging and relatable content that will resonate with your following.


Predictions and Questions

Following on from industry trend, it’s interesting and fun to make predictions and ask questions. Whether it’s the outcome of new product development, future state of affairs, worldwide news; predictions and questions are a great way to start an online discussion and hear other opinions. Don’t worry too much about being right, rather conscious that not everyone will agree. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action for your followers to comment and get involved.


Teaching content

A reason many LinkedIn users come online is to keep informed and learn about people, companies and industries of interest. You can play your part by sharing educative content. This will spice up your content, increase engagement, and once again, position you as a knowledgable business person, who wants to help others (not just sell).



Get creative with the format (lists, best practice and how-to guides, videos, infographics…) and remember it’s the perfect opportunity to direct people to your website or blog.


Lessons learned

Business is all about the ups and the downs. Rather than burying the mistakes, we can use them as a point of reflection of the, often tumultuous, road to success.

Showing vulnerability and resilience is beneficial to brand image as it proves there are real humans working hard behind the scenes, of which people will relate to and appreciate. Marketing is very much the polished final version of events, but so much has to be said for the journey.


LinkedIn is growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. The huge functionality with networking, job hunting, online courses and of course social media, LinkedIn makes presenting yourself and your business as easy and clear as possible.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn can be a tricky platform to navigate, but with these tips, content ideas and a solid social media strategy you’re well on your way to nailing LinkedIn content creation to benefit you and your business.

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