It does not matter if you are running a brand page, or a personal Influencer profile, almost all profiles are analysed thoroughly by the users especially if they wish to follow it. From the consistency of your posts to quality, almost every little thing determines the impact that your profile creates. 


Almost all the tools and features extended by Instagram could be used to enhance and elevate your profile to a major extent which is why it should not be overlooked. One such way of sharing and showcasing your creativity is through Stories. 


Stories and Highlights have taken over all the “in the moment” snippets to showcase creativity with an edge and authenticity where connecting with your audience becomes easier. However, it is an easy trap to commit a few mistakes that according to you are harmless but they actually add up to the long run blunder which is why they should be taken care of carefully. 


Here are a few Stories mistakes to steer clear from- 


-Do not add in a large amount of text under no circumstances. A brief and precise textual addition is recommended so that it does not overwhelm the audience or drive them away. Too much text and information can make the space look clustered and unorganised. Add in a new story for additional text. 


-Do not add a lot of stories altogether as it can take away the focus from any imperative story in the middle thus making sure that the number of stories you are posting are in moderation. It would also take away the attention from a single story and may drive away their focus by the end. 


-Not being creative enough on your stories is another mistake that many make who takes the features that stories provide for granted. Be sure to showcase your creativity through texts, stickers, gifs, polls, audios and other creative tools so that you can create an impressive impact on your audience.


-Irrelevant stories that provide absolutely no purpose of your brand or your personal profile should not be posted as it can confuse or drive away the audience. The stories being posted should provide value to your audience’s insight as well as the visual aesthetic of your profile. 


-Not using it to repost and share your content can be another major mistake you are making as the audience could actually make use of that option to come across some of the content that they might have missed which is why it is up to you to make the best use of the stories and the efficiency it provides. 

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