Social media contributes to the major part of our lives be it personally, socially or economically. These platforms have begun to transform our lives in an unimaginable way where virtual lives are more significant and looked up to than real lives. However, it is not the negative impact that we want to focus on because it can never be denied how it has opened up a wide dimension of opportunities and potential for our society. 


However, no matter if one is a creator of content on social media platforms, or a consumer of that content, both sides are equally influenced and impacted by social media feeds and the creations being shared there. 


Thus, it may come across as how one side is sharing the content and other is consuming it and so they are distinct from each other but they have much more in common than meets the eye as the social media space holds the power to impact both ends equally. 


Here is a guideline that both the consumers as well as the creators should reflect on- 


-Be mindful of how much time you spend on the applications and the platform along with what kind of content you are consuming and sharing out there. It directly impacts your thoughts as well as actions thus it is better to keep a watch then scrolling all the time without any intent. 


-Keep the accounts and hashtags you follow narrowed down and the ones that genuinely do provide you with inspiration and motivation. Stay on track while trying to research and look around for content no matter if you are a consumer or a creator. 

-Make sure to not overwhelm your screen time even if you are a creator who is working hard to edit, compile and share the content. Take breaks when required and plan out a proper time management so that you can accurately divide your tasks around the screen time without exceeding it. 


-Keep your feed, highlights and tags clean and organised so that it can depict a visual aesthetic and elevate your profile. It also impacts how others view and perceive your feed thus it makes sense to occasionally clean, delete and modify things to keep up with change and keep your profile visually appealing. 


-Make sure to network and connect with other users but keep it relevant, healthy and precise. Forming connections unnecessarily that provides no value to you or rather brings you down is of no use. Make sure your engagements are healthy and on track so that the lines of social media usage do not get blurred for you. 

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