Users of WhatsApp will soon have access to a feature that makes purchasing using the app simple. They will be able to locate relevant companies, go through their catalogue, choose the ideal product, contact the vendor, and make purchases directly from the app. WhatsApp stated in a blog post that users desire an easy method to rapidly contact the millions of small companies and tens of thousands of brands that are currently on WhatsApp.

“We’re introducing the option to discover a company directly on WhatsApp, enabling users to explore establishments by categories like travel or banking or do a search by the establishment’s name. By doing this, individuals won’t need to search websites for phone numbers or manually enter numbers into their contact lists “WhatsApp claimed.

According to the instant messaging app, company search has been created in a way that protects user privacy. Your search results are handled in a way that makes it impossible to connect them to your account.

“Our basic philosophy of putting individuals in control of their discussions has not changed as more companies utilise WhatsApp. Getting this right is crucial for WhatsApp as well as the clients and companies who depend on us. Some of the most recent companies to join WhatsApp assist customers in opening bank accounts, buying metro tickets, and placing grocery orders” the firm owned by Meta said.

According to WhatsApp, users should be able to use their credit or debit card to make a secure purchase directly from a message. “We just debuted this experience in India, and we’re thrilled to be trying it out today with many payment partners in Brazil. For customers and companies wishing to purchase and sell on WhatsApp without having to travel to a website, open another app, or pay in person, this frictionless checkout experience will be a game-changer “It read.

According to WhatsApp, the function will soon be available in nations including Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, and the UK, where users will be able to search for businesses that utilise the platform.

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