Facebook’s location-based features, such as Nearby Friends, are likely to be phased down. The social media behemoth has begun telling users that these services will be phased off soon, most likely by the end of the month. The precise rationale behind the decision is unknown. However, Facebook has stated that any data associated with the features would be removed from its systems shortly.

When will the update rollout?

Facebook has begun notifying users that two of its location-based tools would be phased out: Nearby Friends, which allows users to track and share their position with Facebook friends, and Weather Alerts, which provides weather updates and forecasts.

Facebook’s announcement states that “Nearby Friends and Weather Alerts will no longer be available after May 31, 2022.” Users’ location history can be seen and downloaded until August 1, 2022, after which it will be wiped from the social media platform’s servers. Starting May 31, 2022, Facebook will stop tracking and collecting location information for these features.

This does not imply that the service will cease gathering location data entirely. Facebook stated that location history will be acquired for other purposes, but did not disclose which ones.

What’s new with Instagram?

Instagram, another Meta platform, has begun experimenting with pinned posts on a user’s profile. It allows people to pin Instagram posts to their profiles and is currently being tested with a small group of users. The feature is comparable to Twitter’s pins, which allow you to pin a tweet to the top of your feed. It’s also experimenting with making it easier to create Reels for the platform by allowing users to utilise an existing Reel as a template.

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