Android Go is an operating system designed for low-end phones that don’t have a lot of RAM or a powerful processor. Google has released a slew of apps designed specifically for Android Go throughout the years. However, it is now shutting down one of the most popular Android Go apps.

Google has confirmed that YouTube Go will be permanently discontinued in August 2022. YouTube Go was established in 2016 with the intention of catering to consumers in areas with limited connection, high data charges, and low-end devices. “Since then, YouTube has invested in changes to the main YouTube app that help it run better in these situations, while also offering a better user experience that is inclusive of our whole community,” Google wrote in a blog post. Google also stated that it has enhanced performance for entry-level devices as well as people who view YouTube on slower networks.

YouTube Go is going away this August - PhoneArena

What About YouTube Go Now?

Google advises YouTube Go users to download the standard YouTube app or visit in their browsers. When compared to YouTube Go, the standard YouTube app gives a better overall user experience and includes functionality that YouTube Go does not. YouTube Go users, for example, are unable to comment, publish, utilise dark mode, or produce content on the app. They may now use the standard YouTube app to get all of the missing functionality from YouTube Go. Google previously announced that YouTube Go has had over 500 million downloads, making it one of the platform’s most popular apps. In December of last year, Google overhauled the UI for Android 12 Go, among other things.

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