As many iPhone users opt out of monitoring their devices, Apple’s new privacy features continue to impact Facebook. One year after its inception, it delivered another severe blow to Facebook, and it appears that the income harm will be significantly worse than previously estimated. As per some reports, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency features will cost Facebook $12.8 billion in 2022.

According to recent Lotame research, Apple’s ATT adjustments will impact Facebook the most. Lotame anticipates a $16 billion revenue effect, with YouTube taking a $2.2 billion cut, compared to $546 million for Snap and $323 million for Twitter.

The ATT iPhone privacy features limit app tracking by denying access to the identifier for advertisers (IDFA), a unique code provided to each user. Apple can control this on a technological level because when you opt out of monitoring, marketers receive a string of zeros instead of the code.

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But is Apple’s ATT as good as it seems?

Nonetheless, from its debut, some astute developers have been attempting to circumvent Apple’s privacy measures, as seen by the anti-tracking software Lockdown Privacy, which declared ATT “functionally worthless” last year. Moreover, according to Ars Technica, another study has shown how vulnerabilities in Apple’s ATT architecture might let huge businesses such as Facebook and Google gather enormous quantities of first-party data.

Given that the iPhone privacy features are costing the company billions of dollars in revenue, ATT is working to some level. Of course, developers will always try to circumvent Apple’s regulations, so perhaps that part should be policed a little more strictly and loopholes fixed by Apple. Apple’s ATT is far from ideal, but at a time when consumers are concerned about Facebook’s and others’ data-hungry behaviors, it’s a start.

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