Keeping a unique username is tough on Instagram when there are an endless number of users and keeping a distinct profile is important. Many of us end up adding our birthday and important numbers in our username. Even after adding your different touch to the username, Instagram sometimes still accepts the username. You have to end up adding too many underscores and periods. That makes usernames so messy.

But what if your username has a unique name and also meaning behind it that can attach importance to you personally? Yes there are many unique names that you can put in your username to make your profile stand out.

Here are few suggestions for a unique Instagram username



A unique yet cool name, a mythological bird that rises from ashes hundreds of years later. It defines rising from the same ashes from which it was burned. Rising high even after losing. A unique username to imply your personality if you are also the one to don’t give up and continue to stand no matter what.


Amaryllis is a flower that defines pride, strength and love. Amaryllis is also a Greek name which means to sparkle. If you are someone who is strong and courageous, it is best for you.


Cachinnation is another fancy word for funny and to be hilarious. If you are looking for a name that defines your fun and humor side, it’s just the right word for you.



Mellifluous means pleasingly smooth and musical to hear. It defines the person’s smooth and melodious voice. If you are one such person with a sweet and mellow voice, then you are a mellifluous!


Dandelion is a flower that is a symbolism for growth, hope, love and healing. The petals of dandelion are a hope for survival, as it flies away. Dandelion is a beautiful name with lots of wisdom behind it. You definitely want it to be your username!


Idyllic is a beautiful name that represents happiness and peace. When you see a beautiful sunset or peaceful quiet night, it’s an idyllic view. Idyllic is a unique name to represent happiness and peace. If you are happy and peaceful, you are idyllic!


Intrepid means fearless and adventurer. The type of word you would want to be your username that represents your fearlessness and adventure. That you are fearless and ready to explore what life has in store for you.


Erudite is another word which means smart. It describes how intelligent and knowledgeable the person is. You have a sharp mind, then you are erudite!

When you can keep such a cool and unique name on your Instagram profile, then why not to use them. Instagram is such a platform that you can experiment with different usernames to make yourself unique from others. Using your actual name is obviously a must. But Instagram has two option names and the username. You can choose either way to accommodate the username.

Be unique!!

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