Hashtags are a popular and interesting way to reach the right target audience and bring more engagement to your post. There are an endless number of hashtags for each and every content type. People widely use hashtags currently to make an issue or topic viral on social media. Hashtags are a quick way to spread the information among wide social media users.

Since each social media platform has its own way to function hashtags, Instagram also has different algorithms to make hashtags work. You must understand all about how to use hashtags on Instagram as a part of your perfect social media strategy to reach more people. Let us take a look at few such tips to use hashtags in Instagram in right way


Look for popular hashtags:

A good hashtag strategy must include all the relevant hashtags that are popular for your content type and not any random hashtags. You can look for popular hashtags for your content type by typing the keyword in the search icon and Instagram shows you the total number of posts under that hashtags.

 This is enough to understand which hashtags are popular for the content type. Using popular hashtags is beneficial for post engagement and driving traffic towards your account.



Use relevant hashtags:

Using relevant hashtags is very important. Using hashtags that your content demands and not just those who have the highest posts. Let’s understand better with an example. If you are a writer posting quotes and poems, you must use hashtags like #poems, #poemsoftheday, #quotes, #writingcommunity etc.

You shouldn’t use #contentcreator even if it has 8.3 million posts and you are in a way creating content. This hashtag can attract any type of content audience but you want those who are interested in writing stuff. The relevant hashtag in this case will be #contentwriter. Using relevant hashtags will attract the right audience for your content.

Put hashtags under comments section:

This is an unpopular tip but very useful. People on Instagram often make the mistake of putting all hashtags under caption. Putting hashtags under caption not only makes the post messy but also doesn’t have much post reach. Putting hashtags under the comments section makes better engagement for the post as compared to captions.

Keep your account public:

Make sure to keep your account public to all the audience otherwise the post cannot be seen by others. Only your followers can see it. So in order to make your post seen by everyone, remember to keep your account public.


Don’t use long hashtags:

#itsbeenamzingday #youarewhatyouare don’t use hashtags that are long. It is difficult to read and long hashtags don’t find a place to be in trend. Many users when they see such long hashtags don’t even bother to read and skip. You cannot afford that for your post. Hence it is necessary to keep hashtags short, attractive and easy to read.

Using relevant and trendy hashtags will boost your post engagement. Using hashtags is very necessary in social media to find more followers and your content to be out there among the world.

It is wise not to ignore using the hashtags. They build community around the hashtags. Audiences on Instagram also follow hashtags.

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