We surely miss the days when we published a post and almost instantly all our Facebook followers would see it in their newsfeed. Good times right? Organic reach on Facebook was easy to come by and it was easy to grow your Facebook page. Facebook is somewhat more of a community-based platform and as such, if you can adopt a community mindset around your brand, you could win every day of the week with your social media marketing, and create a long term army of supporters and fans without paying a fortune.

Today, we shall introduce you to the magic formula of engagement and also show you that Facebook’s organic reach is actually alive and well, and if channeled correctly could significantly expand your Facebook page. Lets gets into it:

Set up an attractive page 

If you already have a page, or you are planning to make one, its really important that you have a page that catches an eye of the audience instantly. Be sure to add striking visual content, a header or cover photo that represents your brand and complete the about section so visitors know who you are, how to contact you, and what you can do for them. These are pretty basic but crucial. Facebook has introduced a lot of features to improve their user experience and you should really try them out. You’re not obligated to use all of the offered features, however.

Create relevant content 

You have to create content that aligns with your brand representation. Getting to grips with your brand ideal is the secret sauce used by brands that absolutely crush it vs forgettable brands. Knowing what message your brand wants to send off makes creating content around it infinitely easier. Aim towards producing meaningful and valuable content that initiates interaction on your news feed among people.

Employ visuals

Make it a point to maneuver the power of videos. Video is no longer just a nice option. It’s an absolute must in today’s motion engagement bait driven world. Put videos up on the platform itself. Links get less reach. You have lots of options when it comes to video. You can pre-record your content or even use Facebook live video.

Activate Facebook Messenger

Are you leveraging Facebook messenger yet? If not you should be. There’s no better way to engage with the audience than directly connecting with them. You can’t expect your Facebook followers to engage with you unless you’re willing to engage with them.


Post regular stories 

Facebook stories boasts over 300 millions daily active user and are continuously on the rise. If you can post a couple of stories each day it’s going to do your engagement no end of good.

Encourage engagement 

If you want to grow your page you obviously have to bring in new ideas and ways to draw the audience. In return, they speak well of you and thus promote you and take your page further. Word of mouth always has been and continues to be the strongest form of marketing. What better way to grow your page than by building an audience of highly engaged, raving fans! You can do so by — holding contests and quizzes, running regular giveaways, sharing reviews, supporting a cause, creating your unique hashtag, etc. Read and respond to every comment (or as many as possible). Respond to messages promptly, listen to feedback, and create new content accordingly.

There is no denying that growing your Facebook page is going to take some work. The greater your levels of engagement, the greater your reach. Focusing on your audiences’ wants and needs is the key. Create content that resonates, respond quickly, listen well, and have fun!

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