If you’re a DJ or a budding podcaster or just an aspiring mixer trying to create a name for yourself, chances are that you’ve been desperately clinging to SoundCloud despite getting a multitude takedown notices. You may think you have no choice but well, you do. There’s another app which is pretty good when it comes to uploading DJ content: Mixcloud. MixCloud has no limit to track length. Mixcloud is available on both desktop and mobile devices. So here we are going to list 5 Reasons why you should consider using MixCloud than using your good old run-off-the-mill SoundCloud.



No uploading limits

Through Mixcloud, one can upload DJ mixes, mashups and showcase their music to the world. Unlike SoundCloud where you have to pay if your track exceeds 2 hours, Mixcloud has no restriction on the track length or the number of your uploads. It also allows people to import mixes straight from their SoundCloud. Importing tracks online and presenting it to millions of people has never been this easy before.


No copyright hassles

Since 2015, several labels have had their eyes on the tracks on SoundCloud. They viewed DJ Mashups as “Radio Shows” and thus demanded royalty for DJ mixes. As a result, copyright rules became extremely constricting and people started complaining on a Mixcloud vs SoundCloud Reddit discussion for having their tracks removed out of nowhere.

But in MixCloud, your music is respected, your rights are protected and your creativity is honoured. It identifies all the individual tracks that you have mixed, and lets you declare them. Thus, helps you not only to legally and fairly use copyrighted music but also helps to contribute to the original creators. To put it simply, you won’t be getting random takedown notices for your mashups because this app gives royalty to the owners of the tracks you mix and create.


Unique features



Additional features of MixCloud includes a like/dislike button, auto recommendation, playlist creations and expert-recommended music. MixCloud again overhauls here in this competition since it provides its users with additional services and features. The “Engagement Graphs” is a unique feature for paid customers which informs them at which point in their tracks do listeners exit or stop listening. This gives insight as to what grooves and tunes are catchy and what bores the people. These small additional features make MixCloud better than SoundCloud.


Higher file limits, higher bitrate

Bitrate means the number of bits that are processed per second. If you are one of those  people who want to gorge on both quality and quantity, then MixCloud is the perfect platform for you. According to an article on Liveschool; the gigantic file size limit of 500 MB ensures that you are able to upload 215 minutes of content at premium quality. The bitrate provided by MixCloud is 320KBps which is quite higher than any other platform. This is why MixCloud is also preferred by Podcasters who make a series of  Artists in MixCloud try their best to serve their fans with the best quality of music available.



MixCloud takes online music streaming to the next level by providing its users with what they really want to hear. MixCloud is a very user-friendly as it helps its users to find the perfect music according to their taste and preferences. There is a huge and distinctive range of tracks available across different genres and all of them can be easily found via tags. MixCloud also provides a number of special features such as comedy, podcasts, sports, talk shows and news whereas the content of Soundcloud is limited. MixCloud Plays provide endless opportunities for you to grow, develop your music and attract a significant number of people who would value your content.



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