Clubhouse presents an opportunity for brands and creators to reach new audiences and build new connections.

If you want to include Clubhouse marketing in your brand strategy, here are four ways to optimize your presence for growth.


Optimize your Clubhouse brand bio

The first three lines of your Clubhouse bio are shown in your profile’s preview — so it’s a good idea to stand out. Be clear about who you are and what you do. Spell out how you can help fellow Clubhouse users.



Beyond the first three lines, make your bio as informative and engaging as possible with relevant accolades, social proof, and features in media.

It’s also a good idea to add relevant keywords to optimize your chances of being found on Clubhouse’s explore page. Most importantly, don’t forget to let people know how to connect with you and what rooms or clubs you host. Also format your bio by adding line breaks to emphasize notable details.


Join industry-relevant rooms and conversations

Speaking up is literally the name of the game when it comes to Clubhouse. And it’s the easiest way to gain exposure and build brand awareness. Be active — join rooms that are relevant to your industry and use the stage to your advantage. However, don’t speak for the sake of being heard. Raise your hand, join panel discussions, and add value to conversations by positioning yourself as an industry expert.

While it may be tempting to join rooms with thousands of users, smaller niche rooms often yield a greater potential to get invited on stage.


Start a room that taps into your industry niche

Stage fright be gone — creating a room on Clubhouse is your ticket to success. Moderating a room lets you go beyond the boardroom and tap into your target audience. It offers a space to talk candidly and unlock valuable insights, all in real-time.



Looking for feedback on your latest product? Host a room, ask questions, and start taking notes. Promote the date and time of your room on other social media channels, like Instagram or Twitter, to inform your existing followers and build excitement.


Collaborate with industry leaders to reach new audiences

When it comes to Clubhouse, two voices are better than one.

The great thing about Clubhouse is how easily you can co-host a club or room with other industry experts in your field. By partnering with relevant brands and creators, you can leverage their audience and reach a community that is already engaged in your niche.

Collaboration is an opportunity to share the mic, increase thought diversity, and build traction within your industry. Chat with co-hosts in advance to outline key talking points and get a deeper understanding of their points of view. Clubhouse is a live forum with limited moderation functionality.


Whether you cement yourself as a thought leader or leverage an existing brand partnership, using Clubhouse for brand marketing can allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper, more personal level.



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