Marketers who are looking to grow their brand presence have no shortage of online platforms to take advantage of. The hard part is to identify which global social media platforms prove to be the best for your particular brand.

Regardless of your marketing brand, one of the best platforms for growing your audience is Quora.

With a huge number of growing markets, quora share an inside view of changing consumer behavior to help marketers decode the new-age customers.

Quora data breach exposes 100 million users' personal info latest news today - CBS News

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can answer each other’s questions about all kinds of topics.

They’ve attracted students, professionals, journalists, and industry leaders all keen to share their knowledge. It can be viewed as a kind of “social” network, a unique cross between social media and research. Quora plays an integral role in information seeking as focussed users arrive on the platform with such intent. 

The recent statistics by Quora give an inside view into consumer behavior on the platform. The statistics share how consumers on Quora are more likely to purchase study material online and 94% of them use shopping apps or websites. On Quora, you can get more high-quality topics, boost traffic and learn more about the audience.

21 Quora Statistics Marketers Need to Know For 2021

So, below we have 15 quora statistics that every marketer should know about the new age consumer behavior.

  1. 78% of users are interested in upskilling themselves and 37% are more likely to purchase study material online
  2. As of January 2021, Quora’s user base had a 43/57 Female to male ratio.
  3. 51% of Quora users engage with streaming services platforms, also Quora users are 44% more likely to purchase music streaming services
  4. Over 109M users follow the Technology topic and content related to technology receives 400M+ views a month.
  5. The audience on Quora is 31% more likely to be responsible for business purchases & 59% more likely to be managing budgets in their work roles
  6. 54% of adult users report a household income >$100k
  7. 60% of the B2B companies and 40% of the B2C companies are leveraging Quora Ads
  8. Adults spend 2X as much time on Quora than on LinkedIn
  9. 23% of Quora users in India are senior decision-makers and their expertise spans multiple industries
  10. Quora users are 53% more likely to have purchased medicine or pharmaceutical items online in the past month & 48% more likely to have purchased health insurance online
  11. 70% of Quora users shop online & 94% use shopping apps or websites
  12. Users spend on average 4:11 minutes on Quora
  13. 32.5% of Quora users are 25 to 34 years old.
  14. Over 100M+ unique monthly visitors in India visit Quora to compare products, offer reviews, and ask questions before their next purchase.
  15. Quora has 300 million monthly active users.

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