YouTube, as we all know, is a very popular website that offers videos on a wide variety of themes that are appropriate for people of all ages. Every day, more people are becoming interested in it, and YouTube never ceases to astound its viewers. It adds new features and upgrades to make it more accessible and distinct from other social networking platforms. YouTube has also offered some new options for its viewers with the start of the New Year, which are detailed below.

Shorts Fund

YouTube has announced the introduction of a 100 million dollars shorts fund, which will be distributed to qualifying creators in the next year, 2022. This fund will be awarded to creators who have entertained audiences with their unique content, received the most views, and engaged with viewers in the best possible way. The fund is accessible in 30 different countries.

Translation of Comments

YouTube’s mobile app now can translate comments, and it will be available on computers soon. With the use of translation, you may now quickly read any comments made in another language that are written in your own language. All you must do now is click the translation button in the comments box. This will greatly assist creators in connecting with viewers who do not speak the same language as them.

Key Moment Card

The key moments card in the YouTube studio has been updated with new information. You may discover it in the analytics section of a specific video’s overview page. You can now see which part of your video is being watched or shared the most. You can also examine audience retention to identify which segments of your audience enjoy what you have to offer.

Creator artist survey

This feature is only available to persons who live in the United States. The creator artist survey can be found in the YouTube studio on your computer. The creators are asked about their gender, race, ethnicity, and other factors in the survey. Leaving certain questions is absolutely optional. This fosters a deeper knowledge of the variety of the creator community, ensuring that YouTube is accessible to everybody.



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