We all are aware of fraudulent messages which we receive from unknown users, (there are two types of users legitimate and illegitimate) mostly illegitimate sources (false representations such as the illegal company or sender), and believe in them as received from legitimate sources ( genuine sources like real company’s, or, real sender) this is what Spoofing in general is.
There are various types of spoofing mail-spoofing, text-spoofing, extension spoofing, caller ID spoofing, and many more. Among these most commonly used spoofing methods are mail and text messages.

To be more accurate text Spoofing can be explained as a technology which is used by third-party software through any messaging app like SMS available on most mobile phones or through personal digital assistants, to modify the real sender’s name, text, and accordingly can be sent to it’s their target audience. Spoof text replaces the actual sender’s id with alphanumeric text and sends it to their target audience or receiver.

Like we say there are 2 different sides of the same coin similarly is the case with text spoofing. if used wisely it can be fruitful but if used intentionally it can destroy the goodwill, reputation built by the hard work of company’s in seconds by fraudsters, even though they didn’t have roamed such message.
Initially, when Spoof texting came into existence it was majorly used by government agencies, the corporate company’s so that their number can be easily recognized by their clients or their target audience.

Later on, it became popular in the last decade and then was used by the public too, but, as per sources, the problem of text spoofing has not started in the 21st century rather it was practiced from the ancient period!! It is believed that in 1271, An Egyptian commander, named Sultan Baybars, successfully won over Krak des Chevaliers by using a forged letter ordering knights to surrender. eventually, the knights had to surrender at the end, and later on, the letter used by the commander turned out to be fake.

Here are some of the text spoofing apps used recently to create fake conversations which can be used on both android and ios phones to exchange messages. These apps can be fully customized also some can even generate realistic dialogues too!! These apps are nowadays used by youngsters to prank their friends and take their jokes to a new level.

1) Yazzy Simulator (Fake chat) app is designed for entertainment purposes only to prank your friends and to help them to get out of any problematic situations. this app used is for creating fake text messages and many more. so in this app, we can create any sort of fake conversations, like, Facebook Status, photos, fake Instagram posts, fake tweets and translations, and in fact system notifications too!!
Under this app, we can adjust the number of likes, comments, and shares we can change or add on into any comment as per our wish. we can make them look as realistic as possible since they are fully customizable

2) FakeChat maker is another prominent fake text conversation app available on our mobile phones. This app helps in creating any sort of dialogues between 2 parties. this app enables to sending of videos and photos via dialogues. here we can even create a fake dialogue list page to make it look more realistic. it features screen sharing tool which enables us to share screenshots with friends whom we want to prank.
the app gives an option to customize all details of the dialogues according to the preferences. we can change the background theme of the chat. It gives an option to add a profile picture. All in all, it is a fun fake texting messages app designed for good purpose only.

3) Fake Chat Conversation is again a chat simulator app designed to send fake messages to yourself. Under this app does not allow the creation of fake dialogues in any ordinary messages. this app helps in creating fake Whatsapp conversations. other than this, it has all same features as other fake texting apps. here, we can send fake voice messages to ourselves and even fake calls can make too!! In this app, we can send both SMS and MMS messages to other people.
We can even create an all-new profile as per our imaginary character. we can add a profile picture and can give that profile a new name or can leave it as a phone number. we can change the timings of the messages as per our wish. to sum up, if anyone is interested in doing a WhatsApp message prank, they can try the Fake Chat Conversation app.

On a contrary, some people use these apps to falsify others’ images intentionally. Therefore people should be more careful when receiving any sort of message from random users. some measures to safeguard yourself from spoofing text apps can be
-Never click on links that request urgent action
-Never click on links that come from unidentified sources
– Avoid opening attachments from unidentified sources
– Be familiar with what type of messages or emails likely to be a scam
– Never mention your personal information to unknown users
– Check for grammatical or spelling mistakes in emails and messages

Thus we can sum up by saying that text spoofing has both merits and demerits. If used properly it can be quite interesting!!

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