Everyone can witness the exponential growth of all social media platforms and how impactful it has gotten in the recent years. Almost every other person is on social media platform, be it instagram, facebook or youtube, the list only begins there. According to statistics, Instagram alone had more than 1.082 billion accounts up until July 2021. This has only grown and a larger credit can also go to the time of pandemic where many found themselves turning to social media to pass time.

Not to mention how in the recent years, influencer marketing peaked even in India which also helped creators monetize their content as so many were consuming content online in large quantity.


However, many must wonder that if we want to start with this, is it even the right time?

With the crazy competition and so many doing the same thing as you are thinking of can set you back however it still does not justify why you would want to put this off for later as the competition does not seem to decline or slow down any time soon.

If anything the present time seems like the perfect one to start an account, create content and finally give yourself the label of an influencer.

Still confused? We got you. Here are a few reasons why this is the right time to get into the line of influencing and blogging-

1.Influencer marketing

After the hard work reflects on the numbers attached to your account, brands and businesses will reach out to you for collaboration and it is the peak time where brands themselves, small or big are looking for influencers in their niche to promote their products and help the brand grow. This will not just help you grow your personal brand and make more connections, but also help you monetize your content, receive products and get so many better opportunities.


At this hour, influencers has all the freedom and flexibility to post, create and engage with audience however they like. They have the platform where they can easily reach out to others and learn as well as have the freedom to exactly work, create and post about the niche that they are actively interested in through so many exciting methods. One can continue to do things they love and still extract content out of it like eating, travelling, singing, writing and so much more.

3.Easy and quick strategies

Instagram itself provides content creators and influencers with so many ways to keep a track of their performance, analytics, and promote their account both organically or with investing a little. The ways to create, edit and share the content is just as smooth and quick where all one needs is a little creativity and focus to make and share the best content out there.

4.Builds network

It will also help open up so many opportunities while building a network for your platform and connecting you with people and making friends. Not only does it create a community of people who look up to you and relates with your content but also a community that awaits with other opportunities, deals, memories and connections for life.

5.Growth in technology

The growth of these platforms and other strategies they provide is also directly connected to new innovations and techniques where everyday something new and exciting is coming up which is focusing on making things easier, creative and more exciting for influencers. The same will provide you with more exposure and ideas.

However, if the fear of competition is pushing you back, realise that it will only grow further and if influencing is a field that you would like to explore then this is the right time to enter the dimension and start creating and sharing your passion with the world.

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