WhatsApp groups will soon receive an update from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg that will give admins more control over who may join a group. In addition, Zuckerberg unveiled a feature that makes it simpler for users to find out which groups other people belong to.

The business claims it wants to give admins more control over the privacy of their groups, which is why it created a straightforward tool that allows admins to swiftly decide who is allowed to join a group. An admin may now access all of the requests in one location to manage who to admit when they choose to share their group’s invite link or make their group joinable in a community. Administrators can now reject or accept users by clicking an “X” or a tick.

In addition, WhatsApp claims it wants to make it simpler for users to discover which groups you share with others. You may now use the app to look for a contact’s name to check which groups you share. The new functionality can be used if you’re having trouble remembering the name of a group you know you both belong to or if you just want to see the groups you both belong to.

A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced Communities, a new tool that offers bigger, more organised discussion groups. Now, the new features have just been released. Admin controls, support for sub-groups and announcement groups, 32-person phone and video calls, larger-file sharing, emoji reactions, and surveys are just a few of the new features that communities provide to the messaging platform. Communities themselves provide end-to-end encryption and can accommodate groups of up to 1,024 people.

The company stated in a press statement sent through email: “Last year, we launched Communities to help individuals get the most out of their WhatsApp groups. “Since launching, we’ve wished to create more features for both administrators and users. To make groups easier to administer for admins and for everyone to explore, we’re thrilled to launch a few new modifications today.”

In the upcoming weeks, the two new features that were just announced will begin to be made available worldwide.

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