WhatsApp has grown into one of the world’s most popular messaging systems. As a result, Meta-owned WhatsApp’s capabilities, including voice messaging, have increased with time. Recently WhatsApp’s voice messaging capability has been updated for its customers. The messaging platform’s latest voice message upgrade includes many new capabilities. The update will be made available in the next following weeks. In this article, we are going to see the new features of the Whatsapp voice messaging update.


Play Voice Messages Outside Of Chat

WhatsApp users can now listen to audio messages sent by their pals outside of the WhatsApp conversation. You may use your smartphone for multitasking and responding to other notices while listening to a voice message.

Pause Or Restart Voice Recording

When WhatsApp users are utilizing the voice recording feature, they can pause or resume it at any time. There are instances when a person has to gather their thoughts before recording a voice message. The stop or resume option will come in handy on those critical occasions. It will be highly beneficial to naturally forgetful individuals.


Waveform Visualization

The visual representation of sound will be visible in the audio message received by the user on WhatsApp. Users may observe the waveform in the news while following the recording.


Read The Message’s Draught

You may listen to a draught voice message before sending it to a recipient. You can send another voice message if you think any news element is trivial, out of context, or unimportant.


Recognizing The Playback

If you listen to a voice message and pause it in the middle, it will continue to play even if you close the conversation. After resuming the chat, you may restart it precisely from where you left off.


Faster Message Playback

The user may now control the message playing speed. If you wish to listen to the voice message quicker, you may play it at 1.5x or 2x speed, depending on your needs. This functionality works for both ordinary and forwarded messages.


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