Groups on WhatsApp are fantastic. Multiple people are brought together in the same channel where anything from communications to media can be shared. In group conversations, though, some messages might be problematic. Frequently, WhatsApp forwards in bigger family groups and even groups with friends, neighbours, etc. convey outright false information.

Admins will be able to delete messages for each member of the group using this capability. Admins can currently only remove their own messages, just like any other group member. Only messages that they themselves sent can be deleted by admins and group members for the entire group. Unfortunately, this makes any bad communications in the group very obvious to everyone.

A reply message encouraging individuals to avoid unsuitable media in situations where someone may have sent it in a group may not be the most effective because people frequently view it after the inappropriate message, in that order. In these situations, WhatsApp’s new functionality will be beneficial because it enables admins to remove inappropriate messages or media before other group members see it or distribute it further.

Additionally, it might help administrators make sure that groups continue the discussions for which they were originally formed. Administrators of a parenting group, for example, should ensure that the debate stays focused on the subject at hand rather than straying into unrelated topics like politics or the like, which can result in a lot of pointless talks.

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