You must have seen and read several articles about Instagram’s success. There are many methods to utilise Instagram productively, whether they be tricks and shortcuts or best practices. But, there are numerous actions you can be taking that will prevent you from succeeding. Let’s review a few errors that the typical Instagram user makes:

Avoid awkward Instagram usernames

Unfortunately, Instagram’s search engine isn’t as robust as those on other websites. People won’t be able to find you and follow you if you make it difficult to find your username (and even your “actual” name”). Instead, use the same username as your Twitter handle and choose a name that is simple to remember, such as your first or last name or the name of your company.

Do not merely observe

Interaction and posting are the two main focuses of Instagram. Don’t hide in the shadows unless you’re completely new to the platform. Instead, publish frequently and as often as you can like and comment on other people’s posts. Be engaging to establish stronger bonds with other Instagram users.

Provide a caption whenever possible

Regardless of how fantastic your photo is, it needs a caption. Articles with captions are more engaging and provide you with the chance to engage with your readers. Share a quote, describe the image, or pose a query. Find something pertinent to mention in your posts, whatever it may be.

Avoid making your profile private

Do NOT set your account to Private unless you intend to use Instagram only for personal purposes and don’t want to network. Set your account to the public instead so that potential followers may see your posts and what you stand for. If people can access your content immediately rather than having to wait for approval, you will attract followers much more quickly.

Avoid taking too many selfies

We all enjoy a nice selfie, I realise that. Yet one decent selfie is sufficient. You don’t need to take a selfie every day unless you’re Kim Kardashian, and even then, no. And especially not several times per day! If you want to flaunt your attire, do so. Display the scenery if you want to brag about your holiday area. Selfies won’t benefit you if you’re using Instagram to expand your brand.

Don’t post too many things back to back

Don’t publish photographs sequentially on Instagram if you have numerous to share. As an alternative, spacing them out every hour or half-hour. The feeds of your followers won’t be clogged, and if your posts aren’t redundant, you’ll get more interaction on each one. You don’t have to share five pictures of the same thing, to speak of repetition. Choose one or two of the best pictures, then only share those.

Avoid sharing all Instagram posts automatically on Facebook and Twitter

Last but not least, even while I advise occasionally posting posts to Facebook and Twitter, you shouldn’t share every post to your other sites. Why would someone follow you on Instagram if you are constantly posting all of your posts on other websites? Instead, only publish one picture and invite your followers to visit Instagram to view the others.

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