Even though Elon Musk has been in charge of Twitter for more than three months, the company has not yet settled its sails. The chaos at the bird app’s headquarters continues, with significant policy changes and department-by-department changes to employees’ roles. Recently, it has been reported that dozens of employees in the Dublin and Singapore offices of the company were let go by Musk.

Significantly, a rough estimate of the number of employees fired by Twitter since Musk took over reveals that almost 70% of previous employees had been let go. About 5,000 of Twitter’s 7,500 employees have been let go or have left the company through Twitter’s supervision.

Twitter confirms job cuts Ella Irwin, vice president of trust and safety at Twitter, confirmed to Reuters on January 6 that the trust and safety team had been reduced. According to a report, Irwin stated, “We have thousands of people within Trust and Safety who work content moderation and have not made cuts to the teams that do that work daily. Some of the cuts were in areas that lacked sufficient volume going forward or where it made sense to consolidate”,  the executive added.

After firing over half of Twitter’s employees, Musk informed employees in November at an all-hands meeting that the company was done with layoffs and was looking to hire people for the engineering and sales teams.
However, since then, a number of individuals have either voluntarily left the company or been laid off. Twitter employees were reportedly instructed to bring toilet paper to work because the company had laid off janitors.

Your role at Twitter': How Elon Musk is firing employees | Mint
Employees who were fired shortly after Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter claimed that they did not receive severance pay. According to numerous reports over the weekend, some employees received severance pay that did not meet their expectations. Twitter is required to pay sacked employees regular paychecks for the past two months in accordance with federal law in the state of California. At the time of firing employees, Musk stated that “they offered 3 months of severance” to all of them.

The majority of Twitter’s over 200 employees in India have been let go as part of a worldwide wave of layoffs ordered by Elon Musk, the company’s new owner who wants to make his $44 billion acquisition work. According to sources, the engineering, sales and marketing, and communications teams are all affected. However, the severance package that will be provided to laid-off employees in India has not yet been made public.

In a nutshell,
-Twitter fires more workers after firing thousands the previous year.
– Twitter’s trust and safety team was responsible for some of the affected employees.
– Additionally, Amazon has announced department-wide layoffs.

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