Are you on Tiktok? If not, what are you waiting for? TikTok’s culture may feel intimidating to break into with millions of people using it, a democratized algorithm and every next person raging as an influencer. It can be overwhelming to find what style you’re a fit for. In this article we will simplify what makes TikTok’s influencer culture stand out from the other platforms and how you can get along with it.

Increases the possibility of being discovered 

Have you ever wondered what makes TikTok tick? Why do trends spread like wildfire  on this app than any other video content on social media? The answer is its user experience. The app keeps its users focused on it with its only-video content and with its engaging features. The level of discovery and engagement that this platform has makes TikTok influencers powerful.

Advanced advertising 

We all know how fast trends emerge on this platform and everyone hops on it. In fact this goes on for quite some time and gains huge popularity. This has led several brands to create their very own, unique trends or music. When an influencer on the app uses the brand’s sound, it creates instant virality and leaves a growing impression. The best part is that the algorithm is totally on board with the trends. It notices the trends and pushes popular hashtags, sometimes branded hashtags, on its Discover page.


Tiktok’s culture of fast-paced information sharing is successful for decidedly everyone on the platform. By doing things the right way, unexpected industries and individuals have capitalized on Tiktok culture.

Attainable targets 

TikTok’s fast-paced culture may seem fleeting, but it also makes influence attainable. Without studio equipment or highly produced content, people all over the world are creating and defining influential content. And TikTok is right there, delivering an audience to latch on to all of it.

Tiktok is a great platform. Starting off might seem daunting, but if you do it right, it isn’t.

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