When it comes to building a YouTube channel, everyone is enthusiastic and excited about the journey. However, it also adds up to the do’s and don’ts that should be followed as it highly determines the success of the channel. 


When it comes to Ads, it is a vital part of YouTube and also a major support for many creators and brands. Not to forget how it also helps in monetisation on the platform and increase the reach of your videos. It is all well said and done until these same Ads start driving away your potential audience for no reason. 

Can my audience be driven away because of particular ads? 


You may wonder why that would happen? Well, you may be doing everything right and precise from your end, but it is a possibility that the Ad that is played right before your video could steer your audience away even before they could even see one glimpse of your video. It definitely can happen as it is common and inevitable. 


Supposedly, your content that attracted the audience in the first place because of the concept runs around kids content or memes. However, if the first ad that comes in the vision is that of an energy drink, alcohol, or something entirely contradictory to the topic of your video would end up becoming a source that will naturally push your audience away. A kid, parent or a guardian might not even provide your content a chance and immediately dismiss the video on the basis of what ad is played. Similar situations can occur if the ad is totally different to the concept of your video. 


How can one manage and avoid this? Avoiding this is vital because you could start to lose your subscribers, viewers and potential audience quite easily because of this which can lead to the downfall of your channel. Fear not as there is a precise way to control the kind of advertisements shown on your channel and you can definitely adopt the same method to not fall prey to this problem. 

Control Ads

-If you’re a creator with a partner program of YouTube along with affiliate creators of MCN then you must have or can create an account on AdSense. 

-As soon as you log in, you can go to the options to find Blocking control and then get access to the YouTube host screen. You will be provided with a relevant blank box where you can enter the URL for the ads you do not want running before your videos. 

-If you’d like to block and control the ads on the basis of particular sensitive or set topics that you don’t want getting advertised on the page, then you can also move ahead to select and block the same. The changes would be implemented in a very short while and the results would be visible. 


This is a beneficial method to provide a safe and appropriate experience to your viewers so that they can consume the content you provide without any hesitation and stress. This should be taken care of especially if you’re a budding creator considering the amount of competition in the industry as it just emphasizes the need of this control and management. 


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