In this day and age there is no better compliment for a piece of content than being referred to as “binge-worthy.” A single strand of content is rarely enough to hold the audience. So how do you overcome this problem and entangle viewers to stick around? The trick lies in making binge-worthy content that compels your audience to keep tapping for more. Whenever viewers binge watch your content, your ranking in the algorithm rises. Social media platforms boosts creators who can keep more viewers glued to their screens. As a matter of fact, every creator wishes to create content that is binge worthy. Let’s understand how you can do it:

Produce engaging content 

You have to create content that engages a large crowd and is relevant to them. Only then will people crave for more. Distinguish yourself from your competitors, create something that was never seen before. Your audience should be on the edge of their seats and wonder what’s next.

Respond to your viewers’ needs

Viewers are more likely to binge-watch your content when they really like what they see or resonate with it. You can make your content more binge-worthy by focusing on what viewers love about your channel. To figure which videos are most appreciated by the audience, compare your analytics from upload to upload. You can also read comments and post polls to gauge your fans’ interest in specific topics or series. Connect with our audience and ask them for feedback frequently.

Make it easier for people to watch your content

Simply put, you can make your content more binge-worthy by simply making it easier to binge watch. Give your audience the leads to your other content. You can do this by linking previous uploads to all your videos through info cards on YouTube, linking videos through end screen elements, mentioning what you uploaded in the past and asking the viewers to check out the other pieces of content. Sometimes its just easier when you are straight forward with the crowd.

Creating a series

You might have seen a lot of creators knitting a series of episodes around a piece of content. This actually is a brilliant way to grasp the attention of your audience. This not only helps in binge consumption but also helps you with content ideas. You can build a story rather than thinking about new material everyday. But of course, your series has to be enticing and interesting

Making content that appeals to a huge audience yet something that feels personal is what makes content binge worthy. And it’s no rocket science.

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