For someone running a business, especially merged or entirely an online business, knowing the significance of social media platforms is imperative. One may take time to learn the methods but nevertheless should be aware of how social media impacts the branding of any business and how it makes or breaks its identity.

No matter which business or field you belong to, finding new platforms to promote and expand your business is a must. Social media platforms provide certain opportunities that should be instantly explored and caught.

Telegram is one such platform that has approximately more than 500 million users and a wide number of active users which is naturally why it attracts many businesses and brands to explore the platform.

This is why in order to help you enhance your impact and learn better, we are listing down a few ways that can be adopted to expand your business on Telegram-


1. Build a team/community- There are many existing applications for communicating, texting and interacting with one another however telegram let’s one do this more innovatively and strategically. Telegram groups can include up to 200k members at a time which significantly increases the potential of these groups and the application. However, what may seem tough can be easily monitored with the tools provided by telegram. This helps you to grow and expand your network largely.

Usage of Bots- Brands can also use the application to keep their customers and audience engaged without much effort as they can create bots through certain inbuilt features which will do the engaging from the brand’s side as well as give them reminders, automated or scheduled messages, and much more which can keep them up to date with the brand and engaged at the same time.


2. Engagement- Unlike other social media applications where the customer needs to actively follow the brand’s social media platform and check it every now and then for updates, Telegram lets the brand directly engage with their customers, send them common updates, messages and alerts directly or through groups. However, you would need to share the link of the channel personally with your customers and invite them to join the group. This creates a smooth way to interact with your usual and existing customers and build a community with them which emits quality and loyalty. This ensures large scale engagement and bonding with customers to present your brand as reliable and trustworthy.


3. Customization- You can easily create the channel, invite selected users, customize the channel just as preferred and then begin to create, share and communicate with the users. One can and should put up the accurate username, profile picture through an avatar which could be the logo or the icon that represents the brand, as well as the settings which can be altered accordingly. This helps one to also control various tasks, monitor them, make admins who put forward further information and carry tasks as well as only give the access to admins for messaging if they wish to.


Thus, these are just a few of such ways which can be adopted to expand your business. It is also imperative to notice the privacy it offers in comparison to many other platforms, large networks, easy monitoring and tracking and the potential that the application holds.

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