There is a huge variety of content being showcased on Instagram and being consumed by the audience on a daily basis. The competition on the other side does not seem to be declining anytime soon either which calls for focus on quality and consistency. 


One factor that determines the success of any content being posted on Instagram is the engagement and how it interacts with the audience. If the content has the potential to directly engage with the audience then it creates a huge impact and differentiates it from other content on the platform. 

Here are a few ways to create content that directly engages with the audience- 


1. The first way to make sure that your content has the potential to directly engage with the audience is to speak about current issues, issues or problems that your target audience could be going through. To portray it through different modes such as reels, posts, etc and to be providing them with the solution can help your audience engage with the audience. 


2. Creating relatable content is another creative and interactive way to directly engage with the audience. This also makes sure that the audience feels good after watching your content which will boost the engagement and the appreciation that your content will receive. From following trends to making your own, everything should be taken on confidently to see what works best for you and showcases your style and niche perfectly.

3. Keep focusing on your insights and top performing posts and videos as they can inherently show you which posts of yours are sitting right with your audience so that you can start creating them more often and producing more quality and productive content. The posts that are not being engaged with more often, or being appreciated should be analysed as it may end up showcasing mistakes that you were unintentionally making.


4. Use polls, questions and quizzes to analyse through the help of your stories to assess what your audience would want to see more of. With the help of these tools, one can keep interacting with their audience consistently and take their opinions over what content they would prefer and would like to see more of. You can also take time to read your dms, focus on constructive criticism, acknowledgements, etc. to see your shortcomings and strengths. 


5. Interact with your audience after posting content that reposts old videos, content, etc. and ask the audience about reasons why they like that particular post and ask them for their opinions over it. The similar can also be done through Call to Action, that is CTA where along with asking the audience to engage with the post, you can also ask them of their favourite highlight from the video and use it more often. 


Thus, you can focus on these ways and explore other ways to create authentic content that has more potential of engaging with the audience, resonating with them and pulling them towards your work. The same will also help you land better opportunities, take risks and push your content to the next level.  

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