Twitter has now implemented keyword search for direct messages, allowing you to find specific mentions within any DM text, allowing you to track back previous discussions, products and persons referenced, links exchanged, and so on.

This will make it much easier to browse through your DMs, as well as provide greater flexibility for using DMs for a wider range of purposes, such as customer support and following up on previous responses and interactions.

Twitter release an official statement

Twitter’s official Twitter account tweeted about the recent update and all the alterations and modifications that have been made.

In the past, Twitter has dabbled with more sophisticated DM search options, such as searching for shared images and links within a given DM thread.
But the ability to search by message content is likely the most crucial advancement, and it’s great to finally have it, so we can start exploring what we can find.

Enhanced customer service responsiveness is, once again, the most evident benefit for brands. More search options will help you expedite your DM response – for example, you can now search for all users who have asked a question about a product and offer relevant updates as they become available, or you can look for previous responses to similar queries, saving you time.

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