Run out of reel ideas? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Within such a short time from its launch, Instagram reels has already made a splash. Reels is for everyone. You can use it if you own a business you can increase engagement and awareness of your brand or, you can just be popular. Here are just a few Instagram Reels ideas to help you get started:

How-to videos 

These videos are oddly very appreciated. A huge chunk of the crowd wants and loves to watch how to videos. They are the tried-and-tested method of generating engaging content and Instagram Reels are a perfect place to implement them. Not only is it informative but also really fun to watch.

Behind The Scenes videos

One great way to engage your audience is by showing them how you do, what you do. While the audience thinks that the video production is all fancy you could really humanize the entire process and give them a sneak peek.

Transition videos

You can showcase a work in progress. You can do a lot of things in this. You can put up the entire process of painting, make up transitions, outfit changes, making things from scrap, reusing or rebuilding old stuff and so much more. There are endless possibilities.

ASMR videos

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) describes the pleasurable sensation or feeling that some people experience in response to stimulating videos, activities, or sounds. This could be anything. It could be the sound of cutting vegetables, drippling water, crunchy noises or almost anything for many different people.


The mistakes during shooting or the innumerable retakes can be really frustrating. Instead of getting upset when those mistakes happen, embrace them! They can actually be great fodder for new Instagram Reels ideas. People love watching funny content and you should be there to take advantage of it. This also sends out a message that content creation is no witchcraft and everyone makes mistakes. Its only human to do so.


When in doubt, go for trends. As cliché as it gets, trends are a great way to keep your feed alive. When you are searching for new content ideas, you can just do the trends or even give them your own twist. Or you can just make one up. Who knows, you might be the one to start an entirely new Instagram Reel trend!

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