Nowadays, it is very important to create content that the audience demands and enjoys. It is also very difficult to create content for both new viewers as well as your existing audience. To understand their preference, YouTube analytics provides you with a great opportunity to know your video’s viewership trends.

Returning and new viewers’ metrics

On a desktop, this tab is easily accessible under YouTube statistics. Returning and new viewers are the two metrics you’ll find here. Returning viewers are those who have seen your channel before and then returned after a set period, whereas new viewers are those who have never watched your channel before. These metrics might help you determine how many new viewers are interested in your videos and how to keep your current audience.

Understanding channel trends

You can see a chart with a purple line representing returning viewers on top and a blue line indicating new viewers on the bottom if you have more returning viewers than new viewers. It indicates that you have a dedicated following, and this trend can be seen in channels that consistently produce content. The consequence of this tendency is that attracting new viewers may be challenging. To attract more viewers, look for the option “other videos your audience wants” under analytics.

If you notice a blue line at the top, it means you have more new viewers than returning viewers, which means you are creating different sorts of material and your viewers are watching your channel according to their demands. It can be risky for creators because they do not have a consistent audience. In this scenario, you can try to create similar content to attract returning viewers. You can see what sources deliver people to your channel under the “reach” tab in analytics.

If the purple and blue lines are close together, it means that some of your viewers are returning to watch additional videos, while others do not return or only watch one or two. If both lines are equal, it’s a good sign that your channel is drawing and maintaining viewers’ interest.

To establish an audience, you must keep two things in mind. Attract new visitors while keeping the ones you already have. These indicators can truly help you figure out where you’re lacking and how you might improve.


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