Twitter, one of the most fascinating platforms for fresh updates, has added one more unique feature for its users. Yes, according to the latest news, Twitter has now made the ‘Highlights’ tab accessible to blue subscribers. This particular feature is indeed an effort to enhance the experience of blue subscribers on the platform. Let’s learn more about this ‘highlights’ tab and how it can be useful for premium members.

‘Highlights’ tab exclusivity to Twitter Blue subscribers

This new feature of the ‘highlight’ tab is meant to show relevant and engaging content on the app to give users a personalized experience. With this ‘highlights’ tab, users can have a concise and quick view of tweets. Plus, this feature will ensure that you don’t miss out on something important. The highlighted tab will keep you updated on all the trending debates and discussions. Twitter’s highlight tab is more of a strategic approach to engaging users with the content while providing you with an exclusively better experience.

As mentioned earlier, it is limited to premium or blue subscribers only. If you aren’t a blue subscriber, you won’t be able to have access to it. Moreover, the key features of the ‘highlights’ tab include an advanced algorithm that shows premium user content of their interest. Twitter’s algorithm function in such a way that it keeps a record of the user’s activity and interest and shows the results accordingly. Every time a blue subscriber visits the platform, he will be thrilled to see the type of content he would always look for. It also saves user’s time; unlike nonpremium members, premium subscribers don’t need to go through all the tweets. This new feature will enable blue subscribers to focus on what actually interests them.

Wrapping up

Twitter’s idea of establishing a ‘highlights’ tab will provide premium members with an incredible experience on the network. In simple words, Twitter will itself filter the content for you based on your interest. Users will be able to interact with tweets that are important to them and catch their attention. All in all, premium users are, of course, expecting more from Twitter’ side in the future. So, get ready for a better social media experience and enjoy the best time on Twitter.



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