Twitter has reintroduced its original reverse-chronological feed, but this time in a slightly different format. According to The Verge, users may now get away from the ranking timeline. The business has included a new toggle function in its app that allows users to return to the original reverse-chronological feed.

Twitter behemoth will debut this feature in the form of a multi-star symbol in the Twitter app. In addition, tweeps may shift to a mode called ‘Sparkle,’ which allows them to view the most recent tweets as they happen on top of their timelines.

By pressing a cluster of stars in the upper right corner of the stream, you may view the most recent feature. Twitter will notice and switch you to the reverse-chronological stream if you use the sparkle too frequently. This also addresses the issue of Twitter switching you back to the ranked timeline at random intervals.

In February 2016, Twitter started rolling out its algorithmic timeline feature to iOS and Android apps. In addition to sorting tweets based on currency, the algorithmic timeline function also graded tweets based on quality. In practice, the social blogging platform displayed ‘top tweets’ at the app’s top. In contrast, the rest of the information was shown as usual below.

Meanwhile, Twitter has launched a new tool that allows users to create audio-only broadcasts directly from Twitter and Periscope. The functionality was exclusively available to Twitter’s iOS users at its debut.

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