Twitter (Now called X) which was once a busy town square for real-time conversation and news breaking, is now experiencing a sharp drop in its activity. Ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition in October 2022, its worth has sunk 71% which is enormous. Why did the social media giant hit the road? Here’s a breakdown of the potential factors contributing to Twitter’s recent woes:

What has caused Twitter’s downfall?

Elon Musk Breaks Big News About Twitter - TheStreet

A Mass Exodus: The Users are now leaving the Platform because the limited financial incentives that Twitter is offering make them have a conflicting attitude about the decision to leave the Network, which raises a possible accountability problem.

Shifting Landscape: Musk’s fiery character and the variety of the content moderation policies, for example, the constraints being relaxed, may have been the reason for the creation of the user groups that were not catching up with him. Those who were, on the contrary, the ones who wanted a more polite and accommodating online environment would have left the platform leading to a big user outflow.

Safety Concerns: The advertisers who are the main source of revenue for Twitter may be not willing to join the line with a platform which is considered to have the problem of looser content control. Therefore, the conversation could decrease the ad revenue, which will worsen Twitter’s economic condition even more.

The disenchantment of a faithful user base and the decrease in advertising revenue make the situation of Twitter’s future projection very worrying. The platform has to find a way to harmonize free speech and the requirement to establish a safe and inclusive space for all users.

Uncertain Future: Will Twitter rise back?

Monetization Missteps: Musk has come up with a number of ways of monetizing such achievements, for instance, charging for certain features or subscriptions. On the contrary, the success of these plans is not clear yet. The possible decrease in the number of users willing to pay for features which were previously free to use will further aggravate the decline.

Content Moderation Tightrope: The struggle of the social media platforms in the area of free speech and content moderation is a never-ending process. If Twitter goes towards either end, it dares to lose a big chunk of its user base.

It is still not clear what Twitter will be like under Musk’s heading. On one hand, some people think that he can turn the page of the platform, whereas on the other hand, others are concerned about the continuous downfall. Only time will decide if Twitter will manage to get back on the road and regain the users’ trust or if it will disappear from the social media scene.

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