Users will soon be able to modify tweets on Twitter but don’t get too thrilled just yet. The feature is currently accessible on the microblogging platform, but only for a limited number of users. The platform appears to be beta-testing the function before releasing it to the public in the following weeks or months.

This week, a tipster named Mukul Sharma provided the information and the fact that the edit tool is now being tested for particular scenarios, such as when a user tweets something offensive on the network. According to his article, users see the edit option at the bottom of a tweet when the text is abusive, dangerous, or disrespectful, which includes a screenshot of the edit feature being tested.

Twitter confirms it is working on an edit button - BBC News

The platform’s decision to allow users to change the content of a tweet rather than delete it appears to be wise. Twitter seems to be developing its function, enabling users to like any post. The site may also introduce a dislike/downvote option, which would be a welcome contrast from the love button for tweets.

Returning to the main topic, the edit button, Twitter has stated that the functionality will be available shortly on the platform. However, according to sources, the function is being tested with a small group, and Twitter will likely want to ensure the feature’s heart is in the right place before releasing it.

Do You Want an Edit Button for Your Tweets? Elon Musk Wants to Know

We’ve seen the edit functionality with an edit history drop-down box, which shows a chronology of the user’s modifications to the tweet. Elon Musk is likewise preoccupied with the complicated difficulties of buying Twitter for an estimated $44 billion. But, like millions of other Twitter users, he has been clamoring for the edit option.

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