Among all the various happenings on Twitter related to the launch of Twitter Blue, checkmark confusion, rule changes, and rollbacks, this seems like a weird update.

Yes, now when you see a silver label in the app (like $META for example) you can get a price chart for that stock by tapping on the label link that appears above all the tweets. Also, add this tag.

As app researcher Jane Manchun Wong noted, the price information comes from TradingView, which gives you an up-to-date view of the current stock price.

We do not care?

And while that adds some interesting context to the discussion on the surrounding tweets, it doesn’t seem to have been the main addition by any means. But it’s there now, so if you want to search for $TSLA for example

Alright, so maybe don’t look it up and especially don’t tweet about it lest you incur the wrath of Chief Twit. As mentioned, this is an interesting addition, it just seems to have been added at a weird time.

But there you have it, as Twitter also notes that it will be looking to expand its stock symbol coverage in the coming months.

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