Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms where hashtags have become increasingly popular. This social media platform allows users to use a huge total of 30 hashtags for each post, allowing anyone to effectively sell their brand on social media. Using hashtags on social media is critical for growing your following and improving engagement on each post.

Employing hashtags has a unique edge, according to current Instagram statistics. Posts that include at least one hashtag receive more attention than those that do not. When it comes to a platform like Twitter, Dan Zarella, Hubspot’s social media scientist, discovered that tweets containing one or more hashtags are 55 per cent more likely to be reposted and those without hashtags after examining about 1.2 million tweets.

By giving you a platform to choose, generate, and monitor hashtags for your content, the appropriate hashtag tools may help you in getting popular, coupled up with your social media strategy. Here are a few of the most popular hashtag tools to get you started.


Hashtagify is one of the greatest services for finding social media hashtags. It offers a variety of plans from which to pick based on hashtag usage and research frequency. This gateway will also assist you in finding insights and real-time statistics for all hashtags used on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This involves things like trends, notoriety, and rating.

Hashtag Expert

With this amazing tool, available in the iOS app store, you can replicate a myriad of trending hashtags. This software will generate 30 related hashtags after you search for a specific hashtag. However, you must make certain that the hashtags are relevant to your content. With a simple layout, you can select hashtags from a wide range of categories.


If you make your living on social media, you’ll always be on the lookout for the greatest hashtags. Ritetag can be of great assistance because it provides fast ideas for texts and photographs on mobile devices and computers. Real-time engagement is always a factor in the suggestions. The hashtags are also colour-coded on the app, so you can see which ones are popular.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

When you post an image to Instagram, this hashtag generator provides you with a list of appropriate hashtags. For each photo, the Ingram tool proposes up to twenty keywords. You can even find out how popular each hashtag is right here.

Sked Social

When searching for an Instagram hashtag for your next post, don’t forget to check out this platform, which includes direct scheduling and posting options. Other capabilities include picture fabrication in-app with Canva, multiple account management, and more. A sophisticated hashtag recommendation feature is included in the entire Instagram tool. 


In the wake of so many incredible and powerful trending hashtag generators, the best method to select the right hashtag for social media is to make some considerations in mind. What do you hope to get out of your hashtag tool, and how will you judge its accomplishments? These questions will assist you in selecting the best tool for your needs.

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