As a public relations (PR) professional, you might spend days planning, producing, publishing, and monitoring your social media platforms. However, the key to expanding your social media reach, generating leads, and raising brand recognition is to discover more about your audience. To assist you enhance interaction and broaden your social media presence, we can further break down these concepts.

Short videos are the trend

Even if your video has an engaging beginning that draws a viewer in, you still need to maintain their interest. Even TikTok upped their length restriction for each video to 10 minutes, proving that a popular social media video doesn’t always have to be brief. Nevertheless, keeping yours succinct and to the point might benefit your viral reach in a few ways. A brief video increases the likelihood that viewers will watch the entire thing, which certain platforms, like TikTok, reward. Additionally, 60% of users believe that short-form video is the most captivating sort of in-feed content. The format that viewers are most likely to watch, like and share should be utilised.

Engaging and relevant captions

By enabling viewers to see your videos even without the sound on, adding captions to your movies not only increases video accessibility but also enhances the user experience. Adding subtitles can help you reach more viewers who might watch and share your video because people frequently browse around social media when they can’t hear the audio.


In order to expand your audience on a variety of social media sites, particularly video-based ones like YouTube and TikTok, a common method is to use hashtags. Including trending hashtags in the description of your YouTube or TikTok video can help a larger audience find it while looking for material similar to yours. Make sure to only use hashtags that apply to your video, rather of just picking ones at random because they’re trendy or well-liked on the site.

Hop onto the trend

One of your best chances of becoming viral is to stay up to date with the latest social media trends. This is especially true for TikTok and similar platforms where many trends start. It’s also a terrific chance to become a trendsetter yourself to get in on a trend while it’s just getting started. Search your Reels feed, Twitter current topics, or TikTok For You page for music, popular hashtags, sounds, and images that are on the rise. Any trend you choose to follow should be given your own unique twist in the material you produce.

Promote on Ytviews

Do not only submit your work and then anxiously await distribution of it. The first step in beginning to reach the audience that your targeted viral video is supposed to reach is developing your own promotional campaign. Consider your marketing and promotion strategies for the site or platforms where the video was first posted. We, Ytviews are the global leaders providing real-time viewership and subscribers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify, Tumblr and many more. We, as a company, aim to help beginners and new joiners to reach their social media goals, in the shortest time possible and with one hundred per cent credibility. We assist our customers to enhance their reach on a global basis as we understand the importance of a solid base on social media platforms in today’s generation. Help us to help you and there you can be the next big social media superstar.

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