On a number of different sites, videos may go viral. But how exactly do viral videos get made in the first place? And how can you make sure your video material is seen by as many people as possible? Your material may become more discoverable and entertaining, boosting its likelihood of going viral, by recognising some of the common components of viral films. Here are some of our professional advice that you may use to produce and optimise your own videos.

Have clarity in your goals

It takes more than knowing you want something to go viral to have a successful social media marketing plan. You should be aware of your motivations for making your video popular. Are you aiming for brand recognition? Do you want to expand your internet audience? Do you prefer to produce conversions instead? Your team will need to produce unique videos for each goal for viewers at various funnel phases. Before you start manufacturing, know your objectives.

Know what your followers like

Your video will always fail if you don’t know anything about the audience you’re trying to reach. Knowing what will ring true with them and motivating them to share your video can help you generate content that will succeed with your target audience and beyond. Social media personas and an empathy map are two tools you may use to better understand your target audience. These can help you get an understanding of the internet search habits and attention spans of your audience.


Create a storyboard, and a creative strategy brief, and meticulously plan everything. This will clarify your genuine objectives, essential messages, tone, duration, distribution method, and other factors. From the content team all the way to the video production team, a strong brief may assist unify the message and the overall goal of a video. Your brand will be strengthened as a result of the coherence and shared vision of all of your material. The following sections could be presented in your brief:

Title: This will serve as the entire concept’s working title.
Topic: What do you want the topic of your video to be? What does it accomplish?
A few essentials are: Are there any particular things your video must cover?
Related articles What relevant material do you have that you may mention or incorporate?
Competitors: Who are you up against?
Platforms: What platforms will this be distributed on? What variations are required for different platforms?
Orientation: Does this video have a vertical orientation? Horizontally?
Keywords: Particularly crucial for sites like YouTube that have a search component powered by SEO.
Relevant hashtags and mentions to use: Important for relationships and trends.
Calls to action: Do you ask your audience to take any specific action?

Narrate a story

Storytelling is the foundation of content. Given that viral videos tend to be shorter, you should pick a context that is applicable to all people in order to deliver an engaging tale quickly. For instance, the meaning of “Monday Mood” is obvious to everyone and doesn’t require any explanation. Play to the cliches your audience is familiar with so you may begin writing straight away with little or no preface. This is an excellent method for developing relatable content that your audience will like and want to share with friends and family. It’s also a fantastic way to surprise people and get their attention.

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