YouTube which harbours more than 2 billion users is a platform that definitely needs to be explored and used for multi purposes. Not to mention how even after years, it is still rapidly growing and expanding which will definitely make sure that if your content soars high then it will genuinely manage to create impact and help your brand and niche tremendously. 


Even though it is a vast platform where competition does not make it any less overwhelming but still the potential it carries is too powerful to not once make use of it to explore if it something that resonates with your ideas. 


However, the fact that it has a large number of creators, viewers and youtubers is the reason why you need to have a strong plan before you jump the wagon and begin your own youtube channel and finally put yourself out there. 

This is why it will be beneficial to follow some of the tricks mentioned here so that you can start magnificently and create a successful channel sooner than imagined- 


Have a plan, niche and ideas- 

Make sure you have a bundle filled with a creative niche that you are passionate about and are comfortable creating content on to share it with the world. The niche should be something that you are creative enough to experiment and work with even for the long run along with making sure you have creative ideas up your sleeve that are structured and representative of your identity. 


Narrow down your target audience- 

Right before you begin with posting your content, it is imperative to have a target audience so that you know “which group of people I am creating the content for?, how does it help them? How do I want to serve them?, what kind of content would they like to see and why?”. Make sure to have your questions sorted so that you can work on answers. It is also acceptable to go with flow and experiment to see what works best but it is a bright idea to have done your research before creating the channel.

Familiarize yourself with tools and features- 

It is beneficial to know beforehand what all exciting and unique features the platform offers and how you can use it to the best of your advantage so that it can also provide inspiration and give you ideas to work with. New features are launched every once in a while such as Youtube Shorts was recently launched where the creators jumped at the chance of creating their content in a fun and unique way, compiling of videos got easier along with new post features launch which let creators engage better with the community. Thus, be sure to familiarize and be aware of such new changes and new ways so that you can stay ahead of teh curve even before you start your channel.

Get started with basics- 

Be sure to start with optimisation and come up with a unique brand name, channel description, logo and picture where everything should be strategically thought of and should be well researched because it will all accumulate into helping you create a strong identity for your channel and make it look visually aesthetic, informative and valuable. 


Keep your vision and weapons ready- 

Make sure to get started with the planning of your schedule, kinds of magnetic videos you want to create, get hold of tools, applications and items you would need before starting, ideas for thumbnails, descriptions, ways to strategically promote yourself in the future and methods to engage better with the audience directly as well as through your content.

It is only when your base gets ready and strong that you can start working for bigger goals and aims such as monetizing content, collaborations, earning through Youtube and brands, creating and finding more opportunities and so much more but it is imperative to first establish strong roots in beginning and then spread out your branches creatively over the time.

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