Many marketers and bloggers end up in a situation when they are unable to deliver quality video content despite initially having a lot of great ideas for video production. This happens because they lack a clear plan of action and do not know what to do and when. If you have never been involved in the production of video content for social networks, the below algorithm will come in handy for you. Follow this pattern when working on a social media video.

  1. Choosing the idea of ​​the video;
  2. Choosing a platform;
  3. Preparing for shooting: creating a script, selecting shooting equipment, calculating costs;
  4. Video production;
  5. Post-production: working with the already shoot video: editing, adjusting, applying special effects, selecting background music, etc.;
  6. Video promotion.



It is important that you do not skip any of the above steps. Otherwise, you risk creating a poor-quality video with no message behind the scenes.

Video posts on social networks are getting shorter; there are less sound and more animated elements in them. Here are some simple tips for using videos on social media when producing different types of video content:


Do the marketing analytics



Know for whom and why you create video posts, what you want to show in the clips. Take into account the tech specs of videos for different online platforms: YouTube videos are usually longer and educational, while Facebook clips are shorter and more entertaining.


Focus on content

Your video should tell the viewer something useful and carry informational value. Otherwise, why should people watch it?


Make use of the intro

Facebook and Instagram offer video autoplay functionality when viewing a feed, so remember the three-second rule: you need to get the user interested in your video from the first frames. Start with the main thing or at least the intriguing one.


Add some animation

Animation similar to infographics helps to visually present information on the most complex topics, but unlike infographics, the animation is fun and entertaining.


Don’t worry about sound

Media giants like Mic, LittleThings, PopSugar report that about 85% of their video content is viewed with the sound muted. You can do the hack with video subtitles.


Following the tips for creating effective videos will help you deliver a greater result with less effort and hassle.

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