How many times have you found yourself in an absolute rut because you were unable to manage time as a content creator and ended up either doing too much all at once or skipping almost all the work. Content creation can end up taking up a lot of time with all the planning, researching, shooting, creating, editing, drafting and so much more and this does not even begin to clear it all up. 


However, how can one do content creation without ending up in a huge mess and piles of tasks with no way out? 

First guess would be better time management and organisation but you need a little bit more to get ahead in the game and triumph. In a technology run world, there are many things that you can do differently to get things done at a faster pace as well as smoothly. 


Thus, we have compiled a few tips and tricks for you to save time as a content creator- 


1. Plan tasks-

The very first thing that should be taken care of is planning things beforehand through the help of making notes, to do lists, scheduled tasks, etc. The planning will help you monitor your tasks closely as well as keep a track of them. This will help in time management and not getting burdened at the last moment. 


2. Reuse posts- 

This is more relevant to someone who is very frequent at posting and ends up running out of ideas at times. Reusing and recycling posts strategically on particular occasions will help you to save time and share your good quality posts once again with the new audience who have not yet come across that content yet. You can also keep sharing old posts and videos on your story or through other posts to get more engagement, save time and keep the audience entertained. 

3. Save posts in draft- 

You can utilize your free time productively by keeping captions, posts and content ready and saved in draft so that as soon as it is time post, you can move ahead to directly post it without exerting much effort or work. Saving all prepped up posts with hashtags and all the necessary strategies will help you save up time and effrot. 


4. Schedule posts in advance-

This is one of the most commonly adopted methods by many content creators who are always on the run and do not possess a lot of time to post content on set times which is why there are many such applications and tools that provide the technology to do it instead. One can schedule posts even a month ahead and save up content in large amounts as well. Some social media platforms have the feature inbuilt as well which makes the scheduling automatic and posts content at set times selected by you so that your only worry is creating content and prepping it up. 


5. Optimisation in advance-

Begin to use applications and tools that can be researched and installed easily which helps you to plan out your feed, themes, and concepts in advance so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on it beforehand. This will help you in analyzing metrics and curating content smoothly without spending too much time over brainstorming as it will help envisioning. 


We hope that these few ways work for you and that you are able to stay consistent with your posting as it drives the engagement and helps in your performance without putting in a lot of hours every time. 



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