has become one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share their content with friends, family, and strangers alike. With a dedicated following of over 1 billion people, Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and promoting any kind of message or image. But what kinds of topics are most popular on the platform?

Recent studies show that the most common topic on Instagram is travel. From picturesque beach views to breathtaking mountain ranges, photos showing stunning locations can draw lots of attention from viewers. Additionally, fashion and lifestyle posts often dominate users’ feeds, as they showcase trends in clothing and accessories as well as interesting activities or experiences. Other popular topics include food-related images such as recipes or restaurant reviews; animals; sports; art; music; celebrities; health & fitness tips; and more.

Topics on Instagram


Adding tags to your Reel allows you to categorize its content. Such tags are known as Topics on Instagram. Discovered by social media consultant Matthew Navarra in 2015, the Topic tag was created with the aim of enhancing the reach of one’s content and connecting it with other users who share similar interests.

Steps to add Topics to your Reels on Instagram?

Another efficient way to gain Instagram sentiment is to establish your particular niche and base most of your posting on it. You can use the tool for your reel by adding content. It will help with the algorithm’s understanding and allow you to serve it to various audiences.

To add a Topic to your Slides on Instagram, follow this step-by-step process.

  1. Make Reels: You can create a Reel on Instagram by following two ways:
  • Tap on the “+” icon which is there on the top-right side of the homepage and select the Reel.
  • Slide the screen to the left of the Instagram homepage

2. Upload the video: You can either upload the video in one shot or in a series of videos.

3. Add Topic tags: Once you reach the bottom of your screen, you can see that the option to Add the Topic has been made available.

Make your Reels or greater use tags of different categories to attract a larger audience.

Why you should add Topics to your Reels?

As you select Categories for your Stories, you’re signaling to Instagram that your life or profession is specialized. Then, both the algorithm and your audience know what to anticipate from you.

Social media managers maintain consistency, timing, and branding via content pillars in their social media strategy.

Any 3 to 5 topics will be reflected in pillars of your brand’s content on social media.

Reels on the app have had scores of Instagram creators swear by content pillars, often describing it as the key to long-term success there.

Instagram adds Posts to Sections that you are putting emphasis on in your Reels specifically to engage the correct audience.

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