From a time when a person believed that a billboard was the most effective mechanism for the promotion of his products to a time where the consumer has n-number of options available to him even for the smallest products, just on his electronic device. We have not only enhanced the way we promote our products, but also made a repercussion on the way people purchase our products. Traditionally, the ideal way to increase sales was to be where the target audience is. This method still rules marketing but now with a digital touch,  where being physically present with your client is not essential. Hence, it is safe to say that the world of marketing has become very dynamic. 

According to reports, with an approximation of $85 billion being invested in electronic advertising in 2020, it is assumed that 95% of all digital display advertisements will be portrayed through automation means by the year 2022. This enormous drift towards AI automation gives a more efficient and precise outlook to paid media, while simultaneously lowering customer acquisition costs. 

The introduction of voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana,  Google Assistant, etc has led to a much efficient and easy way for the consumer to make use of services and hence, opening another branch of marketing for entrepreneurs and companies. 

The domains falling under social media marketing consist of copy,  design, technology, marketing, finance, and business development. Hence, these sectors require qualifications and have generated vacancies and employment opportunities for deserving ones. Also, this sector was one of the few sectors which were unaffected due to the Covid-19  pandemic due to its digital nature and are believed to have an increase in demand in future, with the growth of digital marketing resulting in simultaneous growth of social media marketing.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on social media and the internet, it has become more crucial than ever to ensure that your company is prepared to prosper in the digital world. If we talk about the future of social media marketing, most smaller companies are still in their adolescence. While this is acceptable for the time being, it is a matter of concern that needs to be tackled as early as possible. It will only grow more crucial as time passes on to have a solid online footprint.


When discussing the future of social media marketing, it’s also important to address analytics. Taking full advantage of social media marketing, the company must also comprehend the importance of statistics. Analytics helps a company track the success of specific campaigns or determine which types of adverts work best on different platforms. The good news is that most of these platforms include features for monitoring and tracking these types of activities on a company’s profile, which might save the company thousands of rupees by not feeling the need for additional software or resources.

Final Words

Social media’s future in commerce is both exciting and unclear. When nothing else, a deeper understanding of social media is critical given that it has become a very socially significant way of communicating and engagement, a major media type utilised by businesses for advertising and other types of communication, and even has implications for the future. We believe that the concepts addressed here inspire a slew of fresh research and ideas, which we expect to see acknowledged and spread throughout all social media platforms.

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