Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter and Tesla, has revealed that the social media platform intends to add text-formatting features to Twitter. The billionaire’s latest actions came as the business tried to adopt many new policies after Musk became CEO. When responding to a Twitter user on Monday, Musk revealed the new feature.

The Twitter user was responding to a claim that the 4,000-character-long message would soon be available from the social media behemoth. We will also provide essential formatting tools like bold, underline, and font size later this quarter, Musk stated in response to the tweet. The objective is to let users write long-form content natively on Twitter rather than requiring them to utilise another website, he continued. Twitter will keep encouraging conciseness in tweets. Musk’s reply received a lot of attention on Twitter. The CEO of Tesla also concurred with a different Twitter user who urged the site to include an “Italic” function.

A 4000 – character Tweet will now be available for users

According to a report from January 9, users of the social media site will be able to tweet messages with a staggering 4,000 characters. The character limit on Twitter was raised from 140 to 280 in 2017, while Jack Dorsey served as its former CEO and founder. Following the completion of a $44 billion agreement, Elon Musk formally assumed control of the location in October 2022. The business has made a lot of policy modifications since then.

“Later this week, a simple swipe right/left to switch between suggested and following tweets will be available. the first phase of a far more comprehensive UI redesign. A week later, the de facto quiet-like bookmark button on Tweet details is launched. in-depth tweets in early February “Musk tweeted on Sunday. The social media networking site is experiencing significant criticism as a result of its contentious decisions over the past several months, which coincide with the rash policy revisions. Additionally, the corporation has accumulated a number of lawsuits due to mass layoffs and non-payment of rent for its San Francisco offices.


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