A creator making videos on MX TakaTak can also earn money like creators making content on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Below are the ways to make money from MX TakaTak.


Creator Plan


If a creator is making videos on MX TakaTak, then the first way to earn money is from the app itself. MX TakaTak recently invited creators to participate in a video for their creator plan. For this one has to mail [email protected] and tell about the video that one is looking to make. If the concept of the video is interesting and compelling, the people from MX TakaTak will connect and pave the way to earn money.



A creator making regular videos on MX TakaTak and generating great views, likes and followers, then the possibility of earning from sponsorship arises. A creator can put his/her contact email on the bio, so that the sponsorship company can contact directly. A company will provide its products and the creator will have to endorse it by showing or using it in a short video. In this way, a good amount of money can be earned.


Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn in MX TakaTak is through affiliate marketing, where a product can be endorsed in a short video and the link to purchase it can be provided below the video. Incentives can be provided to buy the product from the given link and a commission can be earned from the total sales generated from the link. To remain authentic, a creator can also reveal the financial support purchases from the link will provide to its viewers.



Money can be earned by collaborating with a company and continuously promoting it and charging a price in return. Collaboration can also be done with a small creator who wants to be famous in return for a payment. 

Using other platforms

A video made on MX TakaTak can also be shared on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter which will not only increase the followers and viewers but will also make the video commercially attractive.

Benefitting from YouTube



A YouTube channel can be created and videos made on MX TakaTak can be uploaded there as YouTube shorts. It increases the followers, but most importantly the earnings from YouTube is much more than these short video apps. 

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