For most businesses, social networking has become a must. Why are more corporations interested in connecting on social media than ever before? Because social media is now used by more than half of the world’s population. Social media is used by 3.96 billion people now, or around 51% of the world’s population. This indicates that there are now more people who use social media than those who do not, and the number is growing. Every second, over 12 new people join up for a social network account.

Engagement is the key

It’s not just about publishing to be successful. It’s also about genuinely interacting with others, or being sociable. That’s a positive idea because it’s when you interact with your social media following that, you’re on your path to success. However, it is not always possible to quantify the value of social media, and brands must learn to accept this. Lurkers provide a significant amount of value.

We’re seeing greater activity on social media because more individuals are working from home. Because they see a link between increased visibility, interaction, and sales, clients want to do even more on social media.

3 Tips to increase engagement

Engage with your social media followers

Make a point of following your colleagues and industry leaders on social media and responding to their postings. If they make a comment on yours, recognise it. You can partake in some thought-provoking discussions and gain a lot of useful information by using Twitter or LinkedIn, for instance.

Do Polls, Q&A, Quiz, etc

To encourage activity, ask your followers a question. You can also utilise a poll to get your audience to participate. This might help you initiate conversations and learn more about your target audience. You can also ask others for their thoughts on a certain subject, pose hypothetical questions, or even organise a Q&A session.

Be particular with what you post

It’s preferable to curate part of your information from other sources. If you just share information provided by your company, your followers will grow tired of hearing you talk about yourself all the time. Rather, spend a few minutes each day or week scanning reliable sources of information such as blogs, trade journals, and news sites for topics that may be of interest to your target audience.

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