Twitter is a great place to share your blog posts but you’ll have to go beyond tweeting the basics to generate substantial traffic and visibility. Are you ready to discover some significant tactics by which you can use Twitter for better blogging? Let’s dive right in!

Set clear goals

Defining your goal and using appropriate calls-to-action within your tweets will help you focus on what matters most, and doing it effectively. What’s your prime goal?  Is it to increase blog traffic? Get more subscribers? Get more social shares? Make more sales? Figure out and tie your motive to a proper strategic planning to make your efforts more specific, hence easier.

Use keywords to define your niche 

The right keywords tell Twitter what your brand or account is all about. Then, Twitter sends targeted users to your profile by recommendations. Insert as many keywords related to your blog as you can. Then Twitter will know which users to suggest your profile to.

Tweet your Blogs several times a day

If you want to get more people to see your blogs, tweeting your posts multiple times everyday is a great way to do that. But, it’s important to think that how can you do all of that without being spammy? The solution is simple— Get creative when writing your tweets. Make each of them sound totally different, even though you are sharing the same blog post. Try to create at least 3-4 unique tweets for every blog post you publish.

Build the interest of your followers 

Truth be told, Twitter users don’t really want to click links. They don’t want to be redirected out of Twitter. This is one of the main reasons traffic from Twitter can be lower than some other social media platforms. So how do you entice them into doing so? Share something interesting from the blog as a tweet which will give birth to their curiosity. Once something catches their attention, they’ll be prying for more. Remember to use hashtags so that they can be discovered by potential new followers.

Track your Twitter traffic 

There are many tools that can be used to track and measure Twitter traffic and profile growth. Using them you can check how many users your tweets reached, how many users visited your profile, how many followed you, your engagement rate, you can quickly go through your days’ tweets to see which one performed best and which didn’t and much more.

The more you explore Twitter, the more new techniques you discover. You can combine all the techniques and take your brand to a greater height.

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